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Olmeca Lori Washington

Mastermind Facilitator

Hey there Superstar! Thanks for stopping by to check out The Mastermind. Team work, Accountability, Group Input & Feedback, A sense of family, While Creating Multiple Sources of Income Together has been Amazing and Rewarding. Win Win Relationships is what we Foster at Noble Goldman! How can I help you & your business grow? After All, Your Network is your Networth! Come Mastermind with US! Free To Check it out and use some of the tools! Listen to my 2 minute Song-Rap-SNAAP below! I'd like to know what you liked Best about what you see here? I'm looking for some Sharp, Creative, Team Players to Dream & Build with. Let's Chat! Time for Our Individual & Collective Visions to Manifest for the Good of our Families, Communities & The Planet!

Upgrade your life today! Come to the Many Masterminds available to you as a Free Member! Become a Goldstar When you are Ready To Take FULL Advantage of The Personal Development & Team Building Tools and Community! We are Growing Daily! Great place to plug your Business Partners and Teams into. We Have Top Notch Trainers from The four corners of The Earth to Help you Succeed & Thrive! More & More the System is being designed for self study and usage along with attending as many Masterminds you like. Too see a schedule and connect you can DM me on FB or fill out the form and I will respond! Calendly appointments also available. Make sure you also tell us where to send your 7 Step Mastermind Manifesto! Let's WIN TOGETHER!

Abundance Game


Abundance Game


Many people are ‘busy’ each day, taking action in areas that don’t serve them or reward them, especially not toward achieving their goals or true life purpose.

Do you desire to experience a better life?...

To find more time for you, to have a sense of direction, to achieve your goals, and to shift from being ‘busy’ into being ‘productive’ each day…

If you said YES, start playing The Abundance Game today!


We encourage you to give yourself permission to have fun each day by playing The Abundance Game… A software tool that is built on the foundation of success, specifically designed to support you toward achieving your desired success.


You have been invited to play The Abundance Game...

Come and have fun, personally grow, and make an impact in your own life through the power of our:

Life Purpose/Vision Creation Software

Affirmations Creation Software & Tracking

Goal Setting Creation Software & Tracking

Milestones Creation Software & Tracking

Gratitude Journal Software & Tracking

All of this is FREE to access to assist you in achieving your desired success.

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Abundance Game


The Abundance Game is featured within Noble Goldman to support all of the members.

Noble Goldman is an invitation only mastermind community of people who are focused on supporting our members to build successful lives as well as offline and online businesses. We focus on living life in true wealth and abundance by Paying It Forward with a less commonly known Secret we have found within The Golden Rule.

"Do unto others as you would have done unto you."
The Golden Rule

We believe a lifestyle of true wealth and abundance includes healthy communities, healthy relationships, physical health, a profession with meaningful work that you love and the financial freedom to enjoy it all while pursuing your dreams.

Therefore, we are "Paying It Forward" and helping our members organize into Mastermind Teams of like minded, highly motivated individuals that learn together, work together and play the game of life together to accomplish their goals, and dreams together.

Do you have an unfullfilled desire?

"The starting point of all achievement is desire."
Napoleon Hill

If you have a desire, we want to help you achieve it.

All too often people go to their graves without giving their gifts and talents to the world. All too often dreams are killed by lack of knowledge of the basics of how to succeed at life. All too often financial resources hold people back from sharing their gifts and talents with the world.

We are working to change course on this troubling trend. Noble Goldman is a community of entrepreneurs working to pursue their personal dreams and goals while helping others do the same.

Playing The Game Of Life Together!

"With all thy getting get understanding"
King Solomon

Time is your most valuable asset. You must learn to invest time itself.

If you have a dream, your willing to learn, grow together and apply the secret to working smarter, not harder.

Then we want to develop a win win win relationship with you!

Come and learn how you can achieve your goals and dreams, support others doing the same. Come learn how to Paying It Forward with the Golden Rule.

Membership is Free!