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The Intentional Change Network

It is time to be teaming up and mastermind with intention across all pillars of our society to rethink who we are in our communities, what we do, why we are living in our areas of the country - and why we care about our sense of place, our community network and public safety in an all new way! Our world has become divided from so much conflict. We know that “divided we fall”. Many of us are feeling a kind of deep soular betrayal - but why is that? What can we do about it?

Joy Gilfilen, the founder of the Intentional Change Network, has been puzzling over this size of questions for years...and has brought together a team of people working to bring forward programs of intentional change.

This network is about embracing spiritual, intentional, heartful play in the cosmic soup of life - where we can explore how us humans operate as living beings in a constantly changing world! Understanding our collective potential allows us to know that we can purposely and consciously change ourselves, welcome diversity and our lively cultures, and expand our way of being. We can gather within one thriving, diverse world through light and love.


Why? What happened?

The Intentional Change Network Leadership Team will be posing many provocative, timely and important questions:

“How is it that humans, while individually magnificent, have historically so underperformed relative to our potential as a species - and what can we do to change that habit?” Why not be a high performance human society capable of extraordinary change that is life-enhancing for all of us? This has been a lifetime study for Joy. She has created the Civic Joy Academy and will be leading discussions about eldershipping - a step beyond leadershipping!


Core Philosophies

Joy has created three Intentional Change Philosophies that have tools and methods for enterprising people to use to create new futures...and in these calls, will be using those tools to facilitate learning how to research challenges, diagram them, and then turn problems into opportunities.

The Science of Intentional BioEnergetics discusses personal emotional power.

The Biology of Influence is about linking human nature and the nature of life.

The Physics of Civics deals with transforming systems and structures.

Being empowered to identify patterns allows us to challenge the sacred concepts of our status quo. In turn, this provides space for us to see how to transform ourselves, our communities, and our national mindsets. The faster we learn to understand the past the faster we can create better frameworks for building a thriving new future.


Introduction to the Team


Joy Gilfilen

Intentional Change Network Founder, Civic Leader &
Living Systems Researcher

Joy Gilfilen is a civic leader, living systems researcher and podcast host of JoyTalk and iChange Justice. Joy presented Humanity Rising #301 - Standing Up with Power. As President of the Restorative CommUnity Coalition since 2010, and a businesswoman and leadership coach for decades, Joy has been working to create a turnaround in countywide management of the jail and criminal justice systems by publishing ethnographic research while debating as a political candidate. She has created the Civic Joy Academy to teach the Intentional Change Philosophies and “operating system” models for enterprising people. Each philosophy is rooted in understanding the divine nature of life force (or creative energy) as the driving force of all things.

Kurt Krueger is a polymath, philosopher, explorer, alchemist for love, and pragmatic futurist. As a pathfinder, Kurt is an Inspirit of Peace Lab, the author of the bestselling Winning Ways for Living series, founder of the Institute of Sports Psychology (1982), and of Success Systems International (1983). As a trailblazer, Kurt’s systemic applications are a force in the Peace Lab’s multi/social media modalities and wide range of fields. The goal is to empower a global online community creating Peace In Everything, Everything With Peace. He has worked to promote Humanity Rising’s Global Solutions, the Alliance/Drawdown, Vegan World 2026, and Character Inclusion programs. His focus is: Fit for Life, Character Inclusion, going Beyond Your Beyond, and FUN. His PHD is in Playing Happily Daily!


Kurt Krueger

Polymath, Philosoper, Explorer,
Alchemist for Love & Pragmatic Futurist.


Ian Lewis

Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, a Fellow and Qualified Assessor & Verifier with the Institute for Leadership and Management, OCR & NCFE

Ian Lewis is an evolver of leadership, working through the use of experiential learning in adventuring, community development and other potential-releasing, self-led projects. Active with communities, organisations and parliaments around the world, Ian was even involved with the original ideas behind the USA ‘No Child Left Behind’ education initiative. Currently, Ian is busy with the UN/UNESCO/International Association for Human Values, part of the ‘Living Values Education’ movement with its links to the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, the World Cetacean Alliance, the Summer Camps Trust, World Youth Network and various communities involved with ‘Taking visionaries and their communities into a new future, now.’

Paul Magid was born in Seattle, WA into the Spanish Jewish community based there. He has been studying the history of racism, religion, and their interplay for nearly 50 years while working with Native Nations for over 40 years. He welcomes all minds to come and look at our society from the perspective of the evidence revealed, so as to bring about real actionable change.

On the other side of the coin, Paul is a joyous warrior of the physical and mental as a founding member of the Obie award winning The Flying Karamazov Brothers (1973). They appeared multiple times on Broadway and toured the US and the world for 48 years. Paul continues to be seen on silver, flat, and touch screens, having starred with such luminaries as Michael Douglas, Jerry Seinfeld, and Mr. Rogers. Paul has written over 10 plays with productions featured in the world’s finest theatres. Paul also co-founded, in 1981, the New Old Time Chautauqua (NOTC). It was born out of the Chautauqua movement (1874) that originated the practice of mixing education with entertainment.

Paul reinvented the form and heads the only traveling Chautauqua anywhere. NOTC’s troupe of educators, entertainers, and 25+ piece marching band works with underserved communities throughout the greater Pacific Northwest. Paul has spearheaded NOTC’s work and collaborations with First Nations.


Paul Magid

Founding member of the The Flying Karamazov Brothers
& New Old Time Chautauqua (NOTC)


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