• The speed & volume of change in the world today is exponentially compounding!

"We either change by default, exploitation or by intention.

I choose intention. It is far more fun!

When we team up, as resourceful living beings, in a living world, we amplify our ability to effect productive
Intentional Change together."

Joy Gilfilen, Founder

Welcome to a new opportunity for expansive self-expression supported by collaboration and mentoring!


Joy Gilfilen

NG | Intentional Change Member

Hi, thank you for checking in here! I love working with active learners, innovators, builders, leaders and change agents who are doing things that matter to others, to our world, to the future. It is the only way I have found to effectively change the destiny of the human species! It is why I have developed the Intentional Change philosophies and tools we will be using in this network to troubleshoot challenges to find opportunities! I look forward to engaging more with you as you choose to explore your untapped potential and to mastermind with us!

In our complex world today people often find themselves exhausted, isolated, misdirected or so busy with “busy-ness” we get stuck in a rut. What if we could change those experiences and habits by changing who we associate with, and how we engage in learning ? What if the process also resolved the conflict between self development and earnings?

The Intentional Change Network is designed for enterprising people called “Change-Makers!”

What if you could start playing in an uplifting community where everyone is involved in intentional development that nurtures everyone and our Earth?

What if we were proactively doing the real human business of:

  • Helping each other expand who we are as magnificent beings
  • Growing into our hearts desires
  • Building sincere friendships that matter
  • Creating different kinds of nourishing income streams
  • Exploring new pathways into the future
  • Aligning ourselves to be the best we can be
  • Reweaving our right relationship with nature

"When you change the way you see the world, the world you see changes."
Max Planck - Theoretical Physicist

The good news is that you now have the opportunity to do just that.

You can benefit from the collaboration of elders and innovators aching to share their wisdom, knowledge and skills with eager learners for the purpose of change. They have brought technology together with common sense and divine inspiration to build a 21st century leadership training platform that is based on whole systems design.


Join at your level, grow as you wish, earn as you learn!

Level 1 | Complimentary Membership

By accepting our complimentary core membership gift you can introduce yourself into a new world where you get to choose to engage in self-directed transformative learning and then you go at the pace you want. Using both high tech and high touch, this is about learning to find and ignite your own personal horsepower.

Once you accept that membership gift, you accept the challenge of self-learning, and life-long learning, for it is emotionally fulfilling. We have tools you can use on our online platform to do the following:

Step 1 | Play the Abundance Game. This is a personal reflection game that leads you through a process of self-learning where the underbelly is about learning how to live by the golden rule yourself - to first treat yourself as you desire others to treat you. Where you choose to think about who you really are, who you have been. Then you learn to discover and feel into who you are becoming, to learn how to build your own life goals, self-achievement tools, define your purpose and much more.

Step 2 | Get oriented and meet others. Check out the Library of Mentors, and join their classes where you automatically meet others! You can join other explorers of life by attending interactive workshops with people who are sharing their expertise with others.

They come from the fields of personal development, health, nutrition, energy medicine, trauma healing, sustainable living, spiritual development, sports coaching and enterprising leadership.

You will enter into a brave new world of learning diversity - about the human species, and about how the natural world provides innate wisdom and support, and how it works differently than our traditional schools teach us.

Step 3 | Discover the richness of masterminding and belonging. You gather with people who are of like-kind minds. This is the expansion stage: Often called finding your tribe, or learning collaboration or teambuilding skills with people who have a passion like yours.

Level 2 | Change-Maker Membership

This $25 monthly membership level enters you into a 21st century regenerative economic system. Our technology tools support deeper collaboration, cooperation, and contribution that rewards good will and good works.

When you are ready, you can choose to invite others to join you and earn residual income, or learn how to build up your career and develop multiple streams of income. Or you can learn how to mastermind in a simple community process and help others change their world!

The requirement to graduate to this level is that you agree to conduct your relationships by the golden rule: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!” “Respect life, respect others, respect the nature of change!”

Learn How to Use the Intentional Change Philosophies.

Level 3 | Intentional Change Membership

Learn from Joy Gilfilen, the founder of the Intentional Change Network, who has developed high performance troubleshooting and productivity tools over fifty years of doing projects while working with human emotional potential to achieve systemic change.

Joy teaches “by doing it” with people who have vision, passion and already have projects and problems to solve. Here we team up in pods to “quantum leap” by using the genius of proactive creativity. She has learned that if you want to start learning how others are changing the world, it’s best to pitch in, help out, and learn by osmosis!

"Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

This is the place where people from around the world share their knowledge and skills about what worked and what did not work for them! This is where the golden rule turns into the golden river of energy in motion that links hearts everywhere, and it changes the energy stream of consciousness!

Join us for maximum leverage of your time and money!

Meet some of the people who are changing the world now! At this $100 monthly membership level, you will receive Unlimited Access to all the benefits of the Intentional Change Network and all of the tools, resources, training, and residual income opprotunities within the Noble Goldman Community.

“Thank you for discovering who we are!
By taking that time, I know you have already learned something.

By learning, you are already engaged in the art of changing the world for the better. I look forward to seeing the results!”
Most sincerely, Joy Gilfilen


Core Philosophies

Joy Gilfilen has created three Intentional Change Philosophies that work like nesting dolls to create a platform, tools and methods for enterprising people to use for quantum leaping! We do troubleshooting, diagramming, and mapping to turn problems into opportunities.

The Science of Intentional BioEnergetics discusses personal emotional power.

The Biology of Influence is about linking human nature and the nature of life.

The Physics of Civics deals with transforming systems and structures.

Working in teams, on your projects, you will discover how the principles of Intentional Change combined with the exponential power of masterminding in a collaborative platform can be the perfect way to help us all transform and resolve complex problems in our world.